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Published: 05th February 2011
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The Grand Introduction

The Grand Introduction is the introduction of the bride and groom into the wedding reception. This can be done in many ways, but it almost always sets the mood for the rest of the night. The amount of energy used to make this introduction, both from the MC and the song used in the introduction, gives the wedding guests a bar for how energetic or crazy the guests can get throughout the night and during the introduction itself. The couple should meet with the wedding DJ before the big day to plan out how they want the intro to feel.

With the grand introduction, the couple can choose to have a classy introduction with golf-clapping guests, or more of a crazy party intro with guests screaming and crying for joy. The couple also, however, can choose to have the introduction with the whole wedding party or just the bride and groom. Introducing the whole wedding party can be a lot of fun, but it can also take a little bit away from the couples entrance (although the couple will still be the "main event" of the intro). A great DJ will be able to let the photographer and videographer know what’s going on so they are in the right place to get the best shots. After the grand introduction many couples start a meet and greet time where they will have a chance to say hi to their friends and family, grab a drink, and even take some time to eat if they don't have a scheduled dinner time.

The Grand Exit

The grand exit is the big send off of the bride and groom at the end of the night. This usually involves wedding guests standing in two parallel lines with an item, and then cheering and using the item as the bride and groom run in between the lines. There are several different items you can use for the grand exit, some that are better for an outdoor exit and some that are better for an indoor grand exit. The best outdoor exit items are rose peddles, bird seed, or sparklers (for night exits). The best indoor exit items are bubbles, bells, or party blowers (the ones that unroll and make that really annoying noise when you blow in them). The good thing about the indoor items is that there is minimal clean up, and the outdoor items can make great pictures with decomposable items. Just make sure you have a place to put the sparkler sticks when you’re done with them (a bucket with sand or water works well for this) and remember, they will be hot!

While the grand exit is a great way "send the couple out in style", you will need to have a lot of guests left to make it epic. This can sometimes be a problem for couples who want to have a huge party that lasts the whole night, because these events usually end with just the close friends of the bride and groom left when the couple is ready to leave. For the couple that wants there cake and eat it too (party and grand exit too) they do have an option, the elusive "mock grand exit". The mock grand exit is the same basic idea as the normal grand exit, with the only difference being that everyone, including the bride and groom, return to the reception to continue the good times directly following the event. Now this is a great option for couples that want great exit pictures but also want to stay late into the night, or have photographers that are only there for a certain amount of time. However, let me warn you that if the person explaining the mock grand exit is not a dynamic personality that can convey the idea so that everyone understands that this is not the end of the reception, many of your guests may leave. This is why it is a little risky to do a mock grand exit, but if your MC or wedding DJ is experienced, they should be able to pull this off and still have plenty of guests stick around.

DJ Matt "The Wedding Specialist"

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